Behind every business is a personal story of wins, losses, challenges and triumphs.

So here is a little bit about Laura.

Armed with a 7 euro sub from her father to buy a glue gun, and a new baby to look after, Laura´s journey with her new business, Reviva Weddings began in 2007.

With a background organising corporate events in London, then followed a career change after having her first two daughters, to interior design for 12 years.

With these two highly trained skills, and a need to earn money, Laura realised there was a huge gap in the Spanish wedding industry for creating stylish weddings and so her entrepreneurial journey began quickly earning her the nickname of ´The Fairy Godmother of Weddings in Spain. 

The Wedding industry is a fast moving business and Laura´s skills have enabled her to move with it, keeping up to date with trends both in weddings and social media, recognising her target market, and learning all the time. 

She faced a difficult challenge with a partnership which is always disappointing when you have trusted someone, but after some tough learning curves this served nothing than to make her and her business even stronger. A blessing in disguise!

Since starting her business she has embraced the arrival of social media platforms and has consistently changed her business´s approach to how she presents, manages and continues to run one of the most prestigious and exciting wedding businesses in Spain.

The experience Laura has gained over the past 12 years is invaluable and over the past 5 years Laura has been actively coaching and mentoring the wedding industry, both planners and suppliers.

By offering practical clear advice many wedding industry providers and suppliers are now successfully running their own businesses or are embarking on introducing themselves into what Laura calls Wedding World!

With a wealth of experience to bring to the table Laura is now coaching and mentoring many clients who are entering into the industry or established businesses that have encountered a situation they need to work through.

Rather than go it alone making many mistakes without a clear vision or knowing how this industry really works Laura will bring clarity and vision teaching you how to set out your stall professionally or help you through a challenging period. 

This advice will arm you with the right tools to approach and enter the wedding industry, improve on what you have created already or move your business to the next level. 

Laura will teach you to target your ideal clients, make sure you are marketing to them and charging enough to make your business work.

She will offer valuable advice based on her experience from established businesses to start ups, florists to cake makers, photographers and of course wedding planners and anyone considering a career coach in Weddings and Events.

Pop over to Laura´s testimonials page to read about her wonderful friends and clients whom she has helped as they have embarked on their exciting business journeys.