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Laura is a business branding and strategy coach for creative entrepreneurs 

specialising in the wedding and creative industries.

If you have just started your dream business or are already running a creative or wedding industry related business and feeling overwhelmed, just a bit stuck or not sure how to take your business to the next level, then you are  in the right place. 

I have worked in the weddings and creative industry for 30 years. 

Firstly in interior design and then finally I followed my dream and moved to Spain over 20 years ago. 

I created my dream life in a different country and quickly established my destination wedding planning company as one of the most highly regarded and professional wedding businesses in Spain. 

This business has enabled me to bring up my family and live a wonderful lifestyle in Marbella.

I have faced many challenges and have overcome them, if you are facing a challenge, 

I have no doubt it is one I have encountered!

Running a business is hard work and often a lonely path for many creatives who are  working at home. 

I get you, I have been there and would have jumped at the chance to have an industry professional to run their eyes over my business at times, but they did not exist.


I am certain if I had access to coaching and mentoring I would have fast tracked through instead of struggling with, what to me now are simple things.

Over the past 5 years I have been fortunate enough to have started mentoring and coaching the creative and wedding industry and I love it!

I thrive on teaching others, I enjoy sharing my knowledge and find it totally rewarding when I see ´the penny drop´, the delight in my clients eyes as they find the solutions they have been searching for makes my day!

You can read a few of my testimonials below from fellow planners and suppliers in the creative business whom I have had the pleasure of mentoring and there are many more to come!


The Luxe Botanical Styled Shoot workshop

With Jeremy Standley Film and Bloomfield Photography




Laura´s business coaching is aimed at new wedding planners or creative suppliers wishing to seamlessly enter the wedding industry. She will arm you with all the tools you need to successfully launch your business.



Laura´s mentoring is designed for professionals already working in the weddings industry. It maybe you just need a wedding buddy, need help with a particular area of your business or have a challenge you need to overcome.



As a trained designer and expert in marketing Laura will help inspire you to create the business you really love. Working on your branding, business message and social media and niching your business to target your ideal clients.

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