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Wedding Business Coaching and Mentoring

Are you dreaming of setting up a wedding business or perhaps you already have one but feel a bit stuck, tired, overwhelmed and it is just not working as well as you thought? 

Maybe you are new to the business and just don't know where to start, need a guiding hand and mentor to support you along the way and help you avoid mistakes.

Perhaps you are already running a wedding business but feel stuck in a rut, finding it hard to find clients and just not getting those bookings in, I mean after all bookings mean money.

You may run a successful wedding business but just wish to level up, enter the luxury market or clarify your business strategies moving forward.

About Me

I am Laura, the owner of one of the most successful wedding planning companies in Spain, Reviva Weddings, where we have been creating weddings for 15 years.

You can read more about me here.

I have been coaching and mentoring clients whose businesses speak to brides and grooms for 6 years and am known as the Fairy Godmother of weddings!


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